Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zebra is Divine

The photograph is from Christian Dior, spring 2010 Paris.
It is no wonder that the Queen of England was displeased with her video tapes or whatever her present was.  As Queen of Little Cow Harbor, I receive far better presents.
Today from another continent and a far away fairyland, I received the most delightful and extraordinary zebra carrying bag.  The surprise zebra carrying bag was carrying surprise 'zebra'.  There is enough zebra in the zebra carrying bag to cover a small elephant. 
I am thinking that a surprise zebra elephant would be an even bigger surprise than a surprise zebra which is Divine. 
The decision will be very difficult what to make with all of this zebra.  It is zebra from London, no less; not garden variety zebra.  Zebra fit for a Queen.
Zebra which is surely not an elephant.
Zebra which is Simply Divine.
Thank you, my friend! xx!