Friday, March 30, 2012

The Fairies

"The fairies when we designed them, we knew that they were going to look like little monkeys. They were going to look like little dirty monkeys and their wings were going to look like a leaf ... from a tree."
- del Toro

The Scary Monster

We are also talking about the scary monster from Pan's Labyrinth : the "pale man".

Pan's Labyrinth

We are talking about the fairies.

We are thinking about doing the fairies as a "Show Special" for the Uncanny Dreams Exhibition in Seattle this August.

Find information on the UnCanny Dreams show here.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ornate Keyholes

Are available now.

Cthulhu is available in Antique Bronze, Antique Copper, and Antique Silver.

Round Acanthus is available in Antique Bronze and Antique Copper.

Fleur is available in Antique Bronze, Antique Copper, and Antique Silver.

Each of the Keyholes comes with a matching metal key.
The Keyholes are black resin with the color intrinsic to the resin.  They are not painted.
The Keyholes are shown on the back of a Soom Super Gem female torso.
Each Keyhole and Key is $55 plus shipping.
Insurance is required.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Steampunk World's Fair 2012

Reminder that we will be sending a sundry of doll related items to the upcoming Steampunk World's Fair.

Divine's Body

We are still working on Divine's body.

For those who have written to me, asking the time frame, the answer is: Not now.  Not soon.

I have no doubts that the body will be very beautiful and the resin will, of course, be Venetian Luna.

For one of my own Harlequin heads I have purchased a Soom Mecha Angel body.  What this tell you is: I have had to make my own interim body planning decisions.  I needed a body for now and I can get a Simply Divine body later.
Thank you for your deep interesting.

Monday, March 12, 2012