Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chloe is Simply Divine

This is the 'Lace Mask' which was first presented in Series One.  It is now available in a series of colors, which we are happily busy testing.  I find it very difficult to pick favorites.  Lace of course looks the most natural in the 'Antique Ivory Cream' color. 
The Lace Mask colors are Antique Cream, Peacock Blue,  Pink, Gold, or Silver, or Black.  It may be available in a brighter White, but I am not sure.
This custom cast lace mask in pale blue arrived from the factory today for Chloe.  I promptly added a few very lovely Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystals and went for a walk in the afternoon Spring garden with her.
I will have to try to get better pictures of the lace mask.  It is wonderfully detailed.  It is a perfect fit on Chloe and wraps around the face nicely.  I like my ribbons to be 'longer', so those I re-adjusted.
I am now at the 'contemplate adding peacock feathers stage'.  The mask is so lovely  plain, but I suppose I shall let Chloe decide.