Sunday, May 1, 2011

Magic Wands

My magic wand is turbo-charged.  That is how the work for Simply Divine gets done.

Have I told you that we will be doing male and female super gem sized corsets? We will, we shall, and you should enjoy them.  Because Capri is around to help us with 'elf sized', we are looking forward to being able to produce Dollstown elf-sized corsets as well.
Shoes, too.  Chloe has hooves, but she rather loves her shoes.  I have them "drawn up"; we will see how fast I can push them along.

The projected shipping date for the "Alice in Wonderland first set of three" 'blind box' is set for end of July 2011.  We are hoping for earlier but Divine is missing some very big parts.  Yes, He is being an nuisance and an inconvenience and is causing delay after delay to His own desirable accessories, but be patient; He will be worth the wait.
Divine will be simply the brightest horse in the room at the very darkest of parties.

Jiminy has a Simply Divine accessory!

Divine will be brave, truthful, and unselfish.

You get the idea. Watch for him. He is going to be very, very good.