Monday, May 2, 2011

Parasol Pricing

Parasol pricing is as follows: the parasols are each hand made, black, and stiffened.  You have a choice of unpainted black and stiffened for $45 or painted black and stiffened for $49.  Shipping and Insurance are additional.
If you would like one or more please send me an email at cathyATcathycaraDOTcom .
They are designer parasols made by the designer and shipped from the designer.  You are right, I have not yet revealed "who" the designer is.  I will tell you that tidbit before you send you opt to pay for them. However, I have been most amused that they sell just fine with people knowing they will be Simply Divine.  I have also enjoyed listening to all the private *squeeing* .
The parasols have already been described as "Ultra Divine".
I may or may not show photos of them before the first round of them is all sold out.