Thursday, May 5, 2011

Did You Ever Love Somebody

Listen here .  From the album "Hang Cool Teddy Bear".
Did you ever love somebody
So much that the earth moved
Did you ever love somebody
Even though it hurt to
Did you ever love somebody
Nothin' else your heart could do
Did you ever love somebody
Like I love you
When you wonder what played in the background while Divine was being worked on, the answer is: "Well, yes, His song list.  But, not even so much His song list as Meatloaf."
Meatloaf, over and over again.
We must talk about Meatloaf at least once each day.  The conversations end with, "I love Meatloaf! I just love Meatloaf."  "I love Meatloaf. I just love Meatloaf."  "Why do we love Meatloaf so much?" "We do!" "We do!"
We do love Meatloaf.
I have no idea if you do not like Meatloaf whether or not you will like Divine.  We will tell you, "Meatloaf is Simply Divine." 
Of course, Divine is Divinely Divine.  But, right this moment we are working on Charlotte.
Hang cool, teddy bear.