Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Love You Too Much

"You say you don't need me
I know where your love goes
You go missing after midnight
I should know better and the bed is cold
And if you think I'm not the real thing
I don't wanna die of hunger
I got my world created for you
But you don't stay
Not my imagination no more
I cant be dealing with the bad girl
lives in your head
You got your someone I , don't cry
You go and take a strangers love instead

Over you is where I should be
I could be loving you too much
Under me is where you should be
I could be loving you too much"

People ask, "What do you think of when you develop the body?  How do you decide what it should really look like?"

This is how:  We play favorite movies.  We listen to favorite music.  We talk about dancers, and swimmers, and "Arnold".  Then we start all over again with favorite movies.  The horses dance, so we watch the dancers.

We like "Saturday Night Fever" and we like "Stayin' Alive" .

Divine will be able to do all the moves.  It will take a bit of doing because nobody beats my dog at disco. We will try to help Divine out with a better body and, well, more legs.  We are figuring that more legs moving to the beat should be a hit at any party.

Divine is a purebred New York horse.  Certainly he will be able to do this even better than Travolta ...

This should be fabulous done with four legs, dreadlocks twirling, and a broad back to toss her up upon at the end ...

Suddenly you're in my life
part of everything I do
you got me working day and night
just trying to keep a hold on you.

I know that in a thousand years
I'd fall in love with you again.