Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Teenie Gem Masks

We are planning to do "The Doormouse" in Teenie Gem size as a 'fourth mask' to the "'Twas Brillig Slithy Toves" set.  This is the 'Alice in Wonderland' set of three masks which would be released this summer in June/July.  The set would be $105 plus shipping; insurance is required.  "The Doormouse" would not be included in the 'blind box' set, but would be priced separately.  You will be able to see the Doormouse when he is done.  We plan to price the Doormouse at a discount for 'Alice set of 3' buyers.
Yes, the Rabbit or any of the Super Gem/Dollshe Hound size masks can and might be created in Teenie Gem size.  If you wish the list for your favorite(s) to be started, please send me your "on-linename/name/email/paypal/shippingaddress"  to cathyATcathycaraDOTcom .
All it takes is for there to be enough interest for you to get your wish.  
Thank you for your deep interesting.