Saturday, December 31, 2011

May Your New Year be Simply Divine

On behalf of the Queen Supreme and myself, we wish you the happiest of years for 2012.
We plan to do our part to see to it that you have a great deal to look forward to.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Divine Out of the Shower

West Nile Christopher head on a Soom Super Gem male body with Simply Divine uni-sex hooves.

The West Nile Christopher Head is available now.
Reduced pricing until Friday the 13th.

See the head 'blank' and unpainted here:

The head cap fits very tightly even without magnets. 
We wanted the head seam to be well integrated with the skull.

Divine Christopher

 Divine in the shower stall.
West Nile Christopher on a Soom Super Gem male body with Simply Divine hooves.
The eyes shown are home-made 16 mm.
The paint is air brush.

West Nile Charlotte / West Nile Christopher Head

West Nile Charlotte / Christopher is now available as a separate head.
The head is Soom Super Gem / Dollshe Hound in size.
The resin is Venetian Luna White.

Introductory pricing for Charlotte / Christopher is $165 plus shipping.
Insurance is required.
This price is effective until midnight, eastern standard time in New York, on Friday, January 13th, 2012.

We are anticipating that Charlotte / Christopher will be a limited edition of 25.
We may make more than 25, but right now there is no intention of re-molding.
We will run the head until the mold runs dry.

Email is cathy     AT      cathycara    DOT   com
You will not receive a paypal invoice until a head has been poured for you and is ready to ship.
Payment is required within 48 hours of an invoice.  Your order will ship within 48 hours of payment receipt.

Thank your for your deep interesting and thank you for loving Charlotte.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Litte Red Riding Hood

Because this fairy tale has been so popular for the past year, it looks like we will push forward on our Wolf Mask.  You will be able to see it before purchasing it.  

Now, if I could just find the lovely red cape that I did several years ago, I would be all ready for when the mask gets here.

A Note from the Sculptor

but Kissing Ass has been Temporarily Suspended.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Franz Ferdinand

Will you, Won't you
Will you, Won't you
Join the dance?

The Mad Hatter

The Lobster Quadrille

Don't forget about the lobster.
Don't forget about the lobster.

Will you, Won't you 
Join the dance?
The question of the day is:
Who besides Val and myself would like to see a Lobster Mask for Divine and lobsters as pets?

Will you, Won't you
Join the dance?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Wolf with the Red Roses

For those who have asked, we are thinking about doing the Wolf Mask. We have a good one designed.

This week however, we are working on West Nile Christopher. When Divine wishes to become an undead bird, he can turn into Christopher.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas from Zoe

Xen is an Ozian Quen.
Xen is magic.
So is Zoe.

Zoe is Simply Divine.

As nothing is ordinary in Oz, I am sure that Santa uses Zoe to help deliver the presents.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yule Greetings

We are currently working on West Nile Charlotte as a separate head. 
She will be available in Soom Super Gem / Dollshe Hound size.
If she is male, she will be called West Nile Christopher.
Yes, she will be just like a 'regular head'.  Yes, you will be able to change her eyeballs.
Earthspirits has been kind enough to celebrate this holiday season with beautiful pictures of Nicholas.
Nicholas is her very lovely Simply Divine Harlequin.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Off With the Masks

The 'Alice blind box set of three masks' has shipped. 
You should receive your masks shortly.

We are going to give it a few days to not ruin anyone's "surprise".

After that, the masks will be considered 'released' and they will be posted.
They can then be purchased individually.
Thank you for your support.
To those of you who have already written to me telling me how much you love them, *hugs*.

May all of the dollies have a grand tea party for Christmas.

Honorary Reindeer

Divine's Reindeer Mask shown on Fishcake's Soom Cuprit.

The mask has never looked so good.

The Reindeer Mask is our Christmas 2011 mask for Divine.  
It is a large mask with detachable, removable antlers.
The antlers may be worn separately by placing the magnets, which are included, under a wig.

The mask is Soom Super Gem / Dollshe Hound in size.

The Reindeer Mask is currently available for in-person viewing at Harborfields.
Should you be in the vicinity, please say "Hello" to Rouge.

The three piece, blank, white Reindeer Mask is available for $145 plus shipping.  Insurance is required.
Send me an email at:    cathy    AT   cathycara   DOT   com.

We love hearing that you love it.
Please share your pictures.

The NutCracker, Sweet

I would not have recognized the NutCracker.  He is wearing Divine's Reindeer Mask.

Thank you, Fishcake for sharing your pictures!  
Yes, Fishcake did get antlers with hers.
The cat is probably wearing them.

Reindeer Mask Blank

Presents for Under the Tree

Thank you, Fishcake!

I always "ooooooh" over our own stuff.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Cinderella Story

Like the shoes? Get these that are here.  Chloe does not need them.

Edgar is Divine

I suppose my dog feels neglected.  But, he has his friends.  And, I do allow him and only him access to my magic mirror.  So, I suppose he ought not to complain.  If he complains, he knows that I will hear him.

Wining and dining is acceptable behavior in Little Cow Harbor. 
 Regular whining is not.

I see that Edgar has tried to share Divine over there.  Hmmmmm, I cannot tell if the photograph has gone through or not.

Here is a photograph of Divine.  He does not look 'scary' at all to me.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Simply Divine Box

With its lovely Simply Divine organza ribbon trims.

Without its lovely Simply Divine organza ribbon trims.

Yes, I do know what was in there.
No, I am not going to tell you.

Pygmalion Society

Congratulations to all of the contest winners at this year's Pygmalion Society Ball.

Two winners were Simply Divine.
We sent two airbrushed West Nile Charlotte Masks to England to the two prize winners.
If I receive permission to post the photos, I will show you them here on Divine's blog.
All of the entries were delightful.
I am ever so glad that I did not have to judge them; I would not have known who to pick.

All Our Yesterdays

The stakes are high
We have to seize the chance
A case of do or die
This is our last dance

A moment's hesitation and we always pay the price
Hiding in the wings is just like walking on thin ice

All our yesterdays will soon be ending
Hide the walking shadow on the stage
All our yesterdays be soon forgotten
There's an easy way to turn the page

The vision is too real
The prize is there to take
We're on an even keel
No demons in our way

If you stack the cards you will one day find your heaven
Both sides of the dice are always adding up to seven

All our yesterdays will soon be ending
Hide the walking shadow on the stage
All our yesterdays be soon forgotten
There's an easy way to turn the page

Yesterday's tomorrow is tomorrow's yesterday
Destiny's forgotten, there's another game to play
No more future perfect we just need the present tense
All our yesterdays are only hanging in suspense

Hang the banners high
On the outward walls
The battles lost and won
That's when the hammer falls

The sculptor and I do not tend to put off until tomorrow projects that we can do today. Therefore, you really will be able to see Divine's "ultimate form" as soon as we can show Him to you.

In the meantime, please enjoy His heads and His hooves and His masks. Remember to ask for your heart's desire; He can be whatever you want him to be.

Racing to the future we must never lose our way
All we have to do is take tomorrow's chance today

All our yesterdays have come of age
Now we all can sing a different song
All our yesterdays have all departed
The writing on the wall will soon be gone

All our yesterdays (all our yesterdays)
Now we all can sing a different song
All our yesterdays (all our yesterdays)
The writing on the wall will soon be gone

All our yesterdays have come of age
The writing on the wall will soon be gone

Yes, I did play this more than once.  I love Alan Parsons.

If you have purchased the 'Alice masks' specifically for Christmas, (meaning:  you would like them under the twinkling tree and  you do not intend to open them) you will be shipping out this week.  Holiday shipments will go out first, regular shipments will follow.   We try our best to get overseas out in a timely manner.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Things To Come

For those of you who have used the words:  'bondage', 'shoes', 'corsets',  'wings', 'wolf', 'pig', 'harness', 'goat',   (I would love to say "emu", because you know I do not quite know what an emu is.)
For those of you who have said these words, 
I have this to say:

They have not fallen upon deaf ears.

Personally, I am itchy for thighs and the next head.  Have I told you that we have a cool non-dead bird worked out?

True dat.

We are One

It must be Valentine's Day.

I'm still here.

The Gift

This is set in a Divine city.
 If Annie Lennox were a horse, she would be Rouge.

I see an Ozian Queen out in the audience.  How is the bulldog, dear friend? ♥

Valentine's Day is Coming

One large mask.
One love of a lifetime.

Who is on our list?
I have the February list going and I am checking it twice.

This large mask is going to be very, very nice.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dressing Up for the Holidays

For those of you who are trying to decide who you will dress up as what to celebrate this holiday season, here is the list of what we have to help you along.

For some items there may be a 'pour delay', meaning:  we need to have several people on the list before we will make more of the item.   In other cases, we have one or two on the shelf and ready to go.  To find out the availability,  just ask and I will be happy to tell you.  'Custom Colored' indicates that the item is available in a variety of different colors;  often too many to list.

Divine's Christmas 2011 mask - released!  Get Divine's reindeer mask with antlers now.
West Nile Charlotte Halloween 2011 mask - Bone color, painted or unpainted
Alice 'blind box set of three masks' - shipping week of Dec 04th 2011; $105 per set of three
Rabbit Masks - Alice Series - White, Brown, Black or Sable

Venetian Long Nose - Series One - not available
Lace Masks -  Series One- custom colored
Leaf Masks - Series One - custom colored
Steampunk Raven - Series One - Black or Brown, silver or gold - custom colored

Divine's Hooves - released October 2011, one pour available


Waiting Lists are being maintained for:

Butterfly Masks 'blind box set of three'
Wolf Mask
Steampunk Masks 'blind box set of three'

Divine's body is being worked on.  

We will be offering Charlotte's head as a 'head'.  Yes, that sounds strange.  What I mean is:
you will be able to obtain the West Nile Charlotte mask as a full head.  That should be available reasonably shortly.

You can reach me at   cathy   AT   cathycara   DOT  com  .
May your holiday season this year be Simply Divine.

May your days  be merry, bright and Simply Divine.

All masks are currently available for personal in-person viewing at Harborfields.

Thank you for your deep interesting.
*Hugs* if you have seen the exhibit.  It really did come out ever so lovely.

'Twas Brillig Slithy Toves

This is a last call for the Simply Divine 'Alice blind box set of 3 masks'.
The classical sculpting was based upon the beautiful vintage illustrations by John Tenniel that we have loved since our childhoods.

The Alice sets should start shipping next week.  
This is about one month earlier than our last projection.

Once the masks have begun shipping, 'blind box pricing' will be over.
The Alice masks will be available at regular pricing after next week's initial release.

"Alice" is not included in the set, as any old anybody can be 'Alice'.
I am very pleased with the Alice masks and Divine looks forward to sharing them with you.

Thank you for your deep interesting.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

The Christmas 2011 mask is available now!
Here is Divine rehearsing and preparing to do 'Rocky Horror Reindeer'.
The reindeer mask  is $145 plus shipping.  Insurance is required.

Contact information is:  cathy AT    cathycara   DOT  com  .
Please send your Paypal information.
A paypal invoice will not be sent to you until your mask is on the shelf ready for shipment.
Your order will be shipped within 48 hours of payment.
Tracking is automatically generated by the U.S. Postal Service.

By placing an order, you are acknowledging you are 18 years old or over.  The reindeer mask is an adult fine art collectible and is not intended for use by children.

The mask is doll sized and is Soom Super Gem / Dollshe Hound in size.

Please consider your purchase carefully.  No items are returnable or exchangeable; no refunds will be given for any reason whatsoever.

I have already dropped my reindeer mask three times.  I have been very fortunate that I did not break the antlers.  Please be very careful with this mask.  We will not provide replacements.
The antlers are attached with magnets and are removable for use separately.
Four magnets are included with each mask.
The forehead on the reindeer mask is smooth; the magnets are not visible when the antlers are removed.

The mask shown has been airbrushed.  The reindeer mask is available only as a white resin blank.
Splits and/or special pricing are available to Series One buyers only.
Thank you for your deep interesting.

May your Christmas be merry and bright.
May your Simply Divine reindeer be white.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Stage is Set for Great Things

May your holiday season be ~♥~ Simply Divine ~♥~.

Please do not bombard Etsy with questions.
Catch up with me on the LiveJournal, I am always around.

The Escape

Please join us at Google+.
 I will issue you an invitation and include you in a circle of like-minded friends.  Or, you can go here.

Counting My Lucky Stars

Find a good version of this song done by Larry Bagby and be pleasantly surprised.

Thanksgiving is approaching. Today is always a good day to count your lucky stars.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Without You

Join the sculptor and myself as we hangout with Divine here.

If you would like to share dollies with us via Google+ please send me an email.  I will issue you an invitation and include you in a circle of like-minded friends.  Or, you can go here.

"What does it take to be the best?  You have to believe that good enough just isn't good enough."
                                         - Ford Automobile Advertisement

Magic !

I am sorry that I do not know who the photographer is.
I find the image to be delightful and Divine.

This is Not a Cow

Couldn't Have Said It Better

I will guide you all the way
You have the right to remain silent
You get that smile
And you say nothing at all
Just love me like you love nobody else
Don't say a word
Silence is golden

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paul Roustan

Unsafe for work body painting.

Micael Reynaud

Please allow a moment for the page to load.
You will not be disappointed.
Travelling with Micael Reynaud is Simply Divine.

Find the photographs of Micael Reynaud here.

Made in America

Things Simply Divine are made in America. Unless something comes from a fellow international doll artist, everything comes from 'here'.

Each Mask is Custom Poured

We thank you for your patience.
If you have any special requests, we would like to hear them.

Alice Mask Update

This is a photograph of one of the fuzzy white Rabbits. 
There may be a Soom Io Scarface hiding under there; I am not quite sure.
  These Rabbit masks are still available in white, black, brown, or sable.  All of them are fuzzy. 
 Each Rabbit mask is $105 plus shipping.  Insurance is required.
  Shipping and insurance is approximately ten dollars total within the continental United States.

The long awaited 'Alice in Wonderland blind box set of three' masks is coming along well. 
 However, the Alice set is the first thing which we stop work on the instant that anything else needs attention. 
 The Christmas mask is required  for exhibition right after November 25th;  the 'Alice' masks are competing for time with this large mask.

None of the Alice masks are small.  Also, none of the Alice masks are 'Alice'. 
 We have figured that any old anybody can be Alice any day of the week. 
 The masks will, therefore, feature the more exciting Wonderland characters.

Estimated shipping time for the 'Alice set of three' is mid-January. 
  No invoices will be sent until the masks are ready to ship.

Thank you for your deep interesting.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Gotye's Bronte

Ready for another guess at what the Christmas mask is going to be?

The One That Got Away

We are coming out with more heads for Divine. Each is more gorgeous than the last, with His head being "the best".

 Don't ever let there be a 'one that got away'.

Trey Ratcliff

Find his photos here:

This photograph depicts the speed of the 'New York minute' that Simply Divine runs at.  This is New York Times Square.


Today, if you asked me to draw a picture of my horse, this would be it:

It looks exactly like Divine, don't you think?


If we were do do an undead bird mask, what would it be?

If anyone has any better undead bird thoughts, they should speak them now.

Of course, Rouge has spent so much time in the sunshine state of Florida that he would probably vote for a 'pink flamingo'.  But, he is not home yet, so I cannot ask him.  

We are looking forward to jointed bird hands, changing the cupcake on the hooves to feathers, turning the hoof to talons, and making West Nile Charlotte available as a head.  All in Soom Super Gem size.  

We are also working on re-engineering the knee joint on the hooves so that the calf portion is available in Dollshe Hound size as well as Soom Super Gem size.  This means you will be able to choose 'hooves or talons' 'hairy or feathered cupcake' and calf for 'Dollshe or Super Gem'.

To anyone who has hazarded the guess that we might be making the Wolf for Christmas, the answer is:  no, no Wolf for Christmas.  Little Red Riding Hood did have a great deal of snow in the movie.  But,  think: " "traditional Christmas animal".

That is your answer.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rolling in the Deep

Don't underestimate the things that I will do
There's a fire starting in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch and it's bring me out the dark

A Simply Divine Christmas is coming. Are you ready?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hooooooooves !

Thank you for loving Divine's hooves.  Unless we are holding your order awaiting a change of address, your hooves are on their way.  Hoof  have been sent out and you should have received your tracking number directly from the U.S. postal service.

Monday, November 7, 2011

West Nile Charlotte Bird Skull Mask

Happy Halloween 2011 everyone !

We hope your Halloween is Simply Divine.
Join us as we celebrate this Divine year with a "West Nile Charlotte" bird skull mask.

All masks are cast in 'Bone' colored resin.
If you would like your mask painted as shown in the pictures, please add $20 per mask.
Each mask is $105 plus shipping.
Insurance is required.

Please select your items carefully; returns are not accepted for any reason.
There are no refunds. No exchanges. No substitutions.

Masks will begin shipping on November 1st, after Halloween.
You will not receive a Paypal invoice until your mask is ready to ship.
Personal checks as well as Money Orders are also accepted.
All masks are 'brand new' and will ship directly from the factory in upstate New York.
All shipping and billing is handled by the factory.

Masks are Super Gem / Dollshe Hound in size.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Thank you for your deep interesting.

You can reach me at  cathy   AT   cathycara   DOT  com .