Saturday, June 11, 2011

That Perfect Someone

They meet at a masquerade party.  Need I say more?
Pass the time reading pulp fiction while waiting for Divine to show up.  Magnificent masked men with high heeled hooves are well worth waiting for.  Didn't you know that?  Obviously, Divine intends to be fashionably late to every party.
If I did not have one horse up my sleeve, or should I say "in my stable", who will make an appearance even later than Divine, I know that I would want to smack him.  As it is, I delight in the fact that it will be a tight race at the end.  I look forward to seeing whether Divine with four legs can out dance "the Last Unicorn".
We are working on something very special for October.  I am hoping that we can get it done on time.  You really would be endlessly amused if we could do this.  It would also provide you with a nice Super Gem sized male outfit as an option to buy.
Harlequin is literally hours away from completion.  He will make a lovely alternative androgynous head for Divine's simply divine body.  Watch for the first sneak peek pictures of him to appear here .  I am guessing that photos from the sculptor may be up by tomorrow night.
edited to add:  first tiny sneak peek of simply divine Harlequin has appeared ! See "Post 182" in the link above.