Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just What I Needed

Progress on Harlequin is just what I needed. He is in the final stages of  'tweaking before casting'.  His head is undergoing the 'two part head separation'.  Then the silicone molds will get made.  It is estimated that there will be one day of  'resin testing' and 'resin matching'.  I expect that Harlequin initially will match to Soom Cream White and Volks UV NS.  Custom colors for him - such as gray, tan, lilac - would be possible, but that is one of those "far in the future, if at all" sort of things.

 The sculptor has declared his lips to be, "Oh so sensuous.  He has very sensuous lips."

I said, "Sensuous lips are good.  That is just what we like."

Find the DoA thread on Harlequin here .

If you are on LiveJournal and you wish to ask me something about Harlequin, I did put a post for him here .  Photographs of Harlequin have not yet been released.  He is looking My-T-Fine like the pudding, but you need to wait just a little bit longer to see him.  He is Super Gem sized, his eyes are probably going to be 12's.