Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Books, More Books

Read the review on this edition of "Dorian Gray here .
I also came home with Umberto Eco's "Confessions of a Young Novelist" .

Read  about Eco's book here .
The sculptor of Divine recently said to me, "I just cannot believe how patient you are.  I cannot believe how patient you are being.  I figured you would be screaming for him by now.  How can you be so patient when he is so close to being out of the mold?  Aren't you just dying to see him?"

I said, "Well, yes.  I am dying to see him.  Depending on how one counts, he is long overdue.  However, I do not believe in rushing things.  We have had the "Uncanny Dream" show.  We have Harlequin to get out.  West Nile Charlotte is done.  The Alice series of masks is started."

I said, "Divine is, yes, the most important thing but we have had so much else going on, it has just not  been possible to devote time to just him.  I totally understand that."

I said, "Besides, I read."

The sculptor said, "Hmmmmm?"

I said, "When I am not  busy with all things 'dollie' and 'art' related, I read."
While "fluff reading" is good in the manner that one nibble of a bonbon is pleasant, I much prefer weightier, ponderous, complex material to snack upon. I can hear one friend say that I would have never been so comfortable in any time period or anywhere on the planet as in the nineteenth century in the grand salons of Europe.  So, reaching for Umberto Eco and Oscar Wilde, both tomes endorsed by Harvard University, is right up my alley.  
I miss Divine, but I miss him less, when happily engrossed in a fabulous book.
"Oh, there is really very little to tell, Harry," answered the young painter, "and I am afraid you will hardly understand it.  Perhaps you will hardly believe it."
- Oscar Wilde

Yes, I am happily waiting for Divine.  I do hope that you understand him, but I daresay you will not believe him.  He should be one rather extraordinary horse.
Are you still watching? Harlequin should be up any moment. Soon, soon.  Very soon.  Keep an eye out for him here .  His mouth looks simply wonderful.  His eye lids are being lowered for more of that "sexy bedroom" stare.