Friday, June 24, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

"Why can I not find any work-in-progress pictures of either head which you are working on? Would it really kill you to take a moment and upload a progress pic?"

First, we are talking about two different heads here. Both are male Super Gem Dollshe Hound in size.  Both are being done by the same sculptor, who is not 'me'.  

When it comes to Divine, yes, it would kill us.  Sorry, but, for Divine you will simply have to wait.  The first people to see him will be the artists who have agreed to work on him.  He is going to land on their doorstep and they will get the thrill of a 'box opening' and seeing him in person for the very first time.

Harlequin's initial release will be as a 'custom sculpt group order' on DoA.  There is a group leader for Harlequin.  We consider the release of Harlequin pictures to be the prerogative of the group leader.  If the group leader has not deemed it time to release the photographs, well then, you cannot see him.  Not yet.
I agree with you: only one in-progress shot of  Harlequin out on DoA is very frustrating.  Believe me, I like hearing you *squee*.  

Anyway, that is  the story of where those pictures are.
Harlequin, at this point, is one solid work day away from resin casting.
The 'however' to that is: the resin still needs to be tested before he can be sold.