Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thinking of Alice

If there is enough interest, we may do a very large 'single' mask in time for Easter 2011.
If 'interest' is lacking, or if "time" becomes even more critical than it already is, we may have to forgo this "ooh la la" special mask and delay it until a later date. 
He said "Never wait or hesitate 
                                                                Get in kid, before it's too late
                                                          You may never get another chance
                                                         Cos youth's a mask but it don't last
                                                               live it long and live it fast"
                                                             Georgie was a friend of mine
                                                                                     - Rod Stewart
                                                                                     The Killing of Georgie
The procedure for acquiring the "Alice Easter Special" is the same as for the Series One masks.  The information on how they were acquired is here.  You will not be billed until and unless the masks are on the shelf and ready to be shipped.