Friday, March 25, 2011

Mask Information Update

First, thank you for your response to the masks.  "Feeling the love" after a great deal of hard work is certainly rewarding.  Some of you are 'late to the party' and I would like to take a moment catch you up on a few things.
First, and most important:  Divine is a huge project.  Divine is a masked horse in the stable of  the fairyland that is Little Cow Harbor.  He is the only American horse in the stable.  He and his masks are being created by the same sculptor.  That sculptor is not "me".  
The sculptor of the masks will not be revealed until Divine himself is "revealed".  You will get to see bits and pieces of Divine, dribs and drabs of him, as he is created by watching this blog.  You will also get the chance to create 'your own Divine' if you watch closely enough and if you are quick enough.
To the quick and the watchful go the masks and the body parts.
Secondly, there is no stock on the masks.  I wish that there were, but, there is not.  That does not mean that a mask that you have seen is 'discontinued' or will never be 'offered' again; it means that we will not sell something that is not 'on the shelf'.  Scheduling pouring time with the factory is not that easy and quantities of production for Divine 'parts' will always be low.  Please treasure what you get; do not think you can just email for another "something". I wish that you could, but you simply cannot.  I cannot replace my own Divine parts if something happens to them.
Third, I am not a "factory rep" nor, do I have any intention of becoming one in the future.  Divine is 'my horse', he is 'my project', he is my design.  If anything, I am a "designer".  
Fourth, the only way to acquire anything Divine is through this blog.  Right this second, Divine and his masks or his parts are being offered no where else.  I keep lists of who would like "what" when it becomes available; that is what I work off of. 
People who do not wish to purchase things 'sight unseen' may have no interest in Divine.  Much of Divine will be acquired by the "Put me on the list ! I love your work! I will sell it later if I do not want it! " method. of acquiring things.  There will be many days when at best all I will know is, "We will be able to produce 'five' of something.  Who wants them?"  I will announce this here on the blog.  They will be boxed, paid for, and sent.  The entire 'order run' will be over.
I am currently asking the questions: Who is interested in Animals? Who is interested in Steampunk? Who is interested in Butterflies?  Who would like to see the entire Lace Series?  I am asking these questions here and on the streets of Little Cow Harbor because I am trying to determine which Mask Series should be offered next.  I am figuring that whichever 'list' fills up first, those are the Masks which will be poured next.
Fifth, the LiveJournal is set up where you can leave me notes in any current entry.  I will pass by and see them.  Do not worry if your 'question' does not relate to a particular topic.  You can also read on the Journal and see the answers to questions that you probably already have.  The Journal contains all sorts of behind the scenes chitchat.  The LiveJournal functions as the Q&A for the Divine project.  Divine's sculptor reads it regularly.  Changes are made regularly if we find something that requires changing.
Sixth, you do not have to understand why Divine has been figured out the way he has been figured out.  You only need to sit back and enjoy the party.
I am still Queen.  It is my party.  It is my world and it is my rules.
Thank you for your deep interesting.