Tuesday, March 1, 2011


An androgynous head is currently under construction.  The name of the sculpt is "Harlequin" .   Casting will be completed by late April 2011.
'Reservations' for the head are being taken now.  If you would like a head, please contact cathyATcathycaraDOTcom or have your name added to the list on DenofAngels.
  The list is here:  Clicky Please
The Harlequin head will be approximately 'Soom Super Gem' size to fit male and female bodies.
Please make sure that all email correspondence for "Reservation" includes your name, address, email, DoA name and/or LiveJournal user name.
Comments are 'disabled' on this blog; conversations are on LiveJournal or DoA.
Cost per head right now with a 'Reservation'  is set at $160 plus shipping. "Reservation" pricing will be honored; prices may increase for the same head at any time in the future.  Heads will ship directly from the factory in the United States.  Payment will be required within 72 hours of paypal invoice being sent.
  Invoices will not be sent until the head is ready for shipment.
  Heads will ship within 48 hours directly after payment is received.
 Insurance is required.
It costs you 'nothing' to reserve a head.
Inclusion on the "Reservation List" does NOT 'guarantee' you a head.  All orders are subject to approval by the factory.  The factory reserves the right to refuse any order for any reason with 'no reason' being given.
Copyright for Harlequin is retained by the original sculptor with all rights reserved.
Thank you for your deep interesting.
The illustration used is by Leon Bakst.