Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Link Me

While you are curled up in your favorite velvet arm chair, late at night, long past midnight, sipping an aromatic cup of tea read "Orchid's Blog" .   I am perfectly sure that it will make absolutely perfect sense and perfectly positively no sense, all at the same time.  People who love the blog tell me it is "just perfect" and that is all that matters to me.

I apologize for the fact that you 'may' have to "bookmark" Orchid's Blog.  I have written to Google, the "Following" option on the more 'modern format' blogs does not seem operational for the 'older format' Orchid's Blog.  Last I checked, this issue was not fixed.  I have chosen not to "upgrade" the rather vintage Orchid's Blog format because people like it just the way that it is.  The 'bookmarking to follow' annoyance is regarded by Orchid's Blog aficionados as one more 'charming quirk'.  I am very glad that effusive obtuseness is also considered by the Blog's lovers to be 'charming and delightful'; Orchid's Blog is nothing if not obtuse.

If you have been following Orchid's Blog and waiting for Divine, then I applaud you! Finding one's way to 'here' is some very impressive "down the rabbit hole maneuvering" . We are doing everything we can to get Divine parts created for those who desire them.  We have so many Simply Divine tricks stashed up sleeves that we have had to go purchase bigger coats.

I do apologize once again to those who tell me:,  "I read absolutely every word that you write.  I cannot get enough of what you write.  I read absolutely every word and I do so more than 'once' .  I still cannot figure out what is going on." I apologize and I have not found a good way to rectify that situation, but, I am trying.  Right now, there is no "mailing list" and I do not foresee one for the future.  Everything right now is still 'word of mouth through friends', watching the calendar on Orchid's Blog, watching the Blog and Journal posts.

Divine "releases",  as they occur, will be posted here on the "Simply Divine" blog.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with the layout.

To laugh along with us and join in on our conversations, visit the LiveJournal .  Messages may always be left in any current entry.  Peruse the "tags" on the LiveJournal for links to "doll supplies" and other sundry items.  The first mention of "Divine" is on LiveJournal; click the tag "Divine" .

Thank you for your deep interesting.