Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to Order Harlequin

This illustration is by Leon Bakst.
Harlequin has begun shipping.  Some orders have already gone out.
Venetian Luna White Harlequin has been sent to the face up artist for paint.  Because Venetian Luna resin is completely new and untested, we are recommending that you wait for the face up artist's approval before ordering.

Samples of Venetian Luna Rose have also gone out.  We were waiting to hear how people liked it before committing to pouring it.  Venetian Luna Rose is 'pinker' than the Soom NS which is more 'orange' in tone.  Venetian Luna White will not match Soom Cream; it is more white.
The Harlequin head is the same size as the Soom Dia.
When you are ready to place an order for the Harlequin head please do the following:

Send your LiveJournal name, your DoA name, your Real Name, your shipping address, your paypal information, and your email address to:
cathy    "AT"    cathycara   "DOT"   com

Please note the quantity that you are ordering and your color choice.

If you are not waiting for further comparison pics or the approval of the face up artist, your resin choices are:
~ Venetian Luna White
~ Venetian Luna Rose

The price per head is $150 plus shipping.  Magnets for the head cap are included.
Insurance is required.

The head is not returnable for any reason whatsoever. 

Your order will be poured upon receipt of the email.  When it is boxed and ready to ship, you will receive an invoice via paypal.  The invoice must be paid within 48 hours of receipt.  Your order will ship directly from the factory in New York within 48 hours after payment.
I will send you an initial email acknowledging that I have received your order. 
Please poke me if you do not hear from me.
Thank you for your deep interesting.