Monday, August 8, 2011

Dark House Quarter

"I am so confused.  Please help me.  I have been following you around.   I am hopelessly and utterly lost!"

Hmmmmmm? Hmmmmmmmmm?
Well, the first thing you need to know is, you cannot be so terribly lost.  Because you are in Stephen's drawing room in his London mansion which is here.

The other thing is, you have found me. Here you go, have a card.
Yes, well. Right.  I do not ever seem to have one of my calling cards with me.  But, why ever do I need to carry them? You recognized me.
  So, what is it that you need to know?  Come, sit for a spell.  Have a   lovely heart shaped linzer tart and ask me whatever you would like.

"Well, I would like Harlequin.  I do not know what he is.  I cannot understand what you are building.  I know you are building something.  I cannot figure out what it is."

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Well.
Harlequin is around.  Certainly he is not here at Stephen's.  You may look around, but you will not find him hiding anywhere.  Try not to be frightened after you leave me, Stephen has the most delightful taste.

Harlequin is a head.  Harlequin was created to please Enki.  As long as Harlequin pleases Enki, he has fulfilled his mission in life.  It is much like Stephen keeping peach tea around for me.  He always has a stash of it.  Have you tried it?  It is ever so delightful.  Marvelously fragrant, too.  Here, have a cup. I will pour.

Harlequin will trot right out of Little Cow Harbor into Enki's life.  You should be very nice to Enki.  You can get close to Harlequin through Enki.  Doesn't Stephen have the loveliest spoons?  They remind me of the hookah smoking caterpillar's hookah and Divine's pipe.  Look at them; such intricate carvings and scrollwork.   Simply amazing.  Simply Divine.

"But where is Divine? Is he different than Harlequin?"

My child, of course he is 'different than Harlequin'.  If they were the same, they would not have different names.  Divine is a boundless creature.  It is doubtful if he can out dance my dog, but, we shall see.

"I want Divine !"

Oh my dear, have some more tea.  You just told me that you want Harlequin.  You have not seen or met either of them.  How do you know that Divine is not a terrible boor?  You have not seen his face.  How can you possibly want him?

"When can I see him ?  I want to see them ! I want one ! No one tells me how to get one !"

Oh my dear, have another cookie and some tea.  Goodness gracious, your problem is not being lost - for here you are - and it is not confusion, for the matters are simple: a horse has a head, a body, some hooves.  Your problem is "patience".  Patience is a virtue.  Surely you do need to be told: when you are in the company of Queens you must be very, very patient.

The horses will arrive.  You will be welcome to see them and enjoy them.  You can make arrangements for some nice hay when the time is right.  'Hay when the sun shines'  and all that type of thing.

In the meantime, do enjoy Stephen' s house and have another cookie.  If you see Weeener please tell her that I do hope she is not causing any trouble.  Stephen is like me;  he likes his cobwebs exactly where the spiders have placed them.