Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Harlequin DoA Group Order Begins Shipping

The following  is information that the sculptor and I feel is important to the people interested in acquiring Harlequin.  Not everyone is as familiar with my work as  the sculptor and I would like them to be.
Enki is the group leader for the DoA group order.  Enki has been coordinating the order.   All orders are paid to and are shipped directly from the factory.  Neither Enki nor myself are responsible for any shipments.
While I have tried to monitor the group order thread and answer questions upon occasion, I am not responsible for any misconceptions or misleading information which may be in it.

Accurate information for Simply Divine products is only available here on the Simply Divine blog.  Please do not confuse 'hearsay' and 'wishful thinking' with 'the truth'.
Please make your purchasing decision carefully. Divine is "my horse".  Harlequin is one of his many heads.  If you are in doubt, please ask me before you purchase or do not buy.  What you choose to do with Harlequin is your business. The only known match for Harlequin is other Simply Divine body parts.  No item is returnable for any reason whatsoever and no replacement or exchange will be given.  

 "You pays your money; you takes your chances."
Please state your color choice very clearly.  Venetian Luna Rose is not the same as Venetian Luna something else.  Please do not refer to any Venetian Luna resin as 'NS' or "normal skin"; there is nothing 'normal' about Venetian Luna resin any of the colors of Simply Divine resin.  'Venetian Luna' refers to a specific formula, the word following refers to a specific 'shade'.

Harlequin is currently available in Venetian Luna White or Venetian Luna Rose.
Many, if not all of the people, in this group order have never dealt with us before.  This is a quick opportunity for us get them up to speed on the Simply Divine project and to have some idea of what to expect when they order Harlequin.
The following information will also tip you off that we have a new resin color to add to our list.
Remember that I am always available for chat or questions on the LiveJournal.

~~~~~~ What you need to read is continued below. ~~~~~~~~~

First, we would like to thank Enki for all of her effort to make Harlequin a reality.  Her dedication to this project has made it possible for everyone to share Harlequin.

Secondly, we would like thank everyone who has loved Harlequin enough to order him.  We appreciate your support and your patience. We have tried to provide you with a very special Simply Divine product which we hope will give you with a great deal of joy. Harlequin is part of our own very special art project.  It means a great deal to us to be able to share him with you.

It is important that you know the following things about your order.

~ You must be 18 years old or older to order.  You are purchasing a fine art piece which is not intended for children.

~ The price of each Harlequin head is $150 plus shipping.  Insurance is required.

~ Orders are being submitted to the factory in batches of five from this group order here on DoA.  After the order is submitted, the heads are cast. You will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood this Simply Divine post by email.  Failure to confirm that you have read and understood everything posted here and have  'no questions' will delay your order.  Invoices are sent when the heads are ready for shipping.  After your invoice is paid and your confirmation email is on file, your order will be sent within 48 hours.

~ Please note that once heads are shipped no order is returnable for any reason.

~ Magnets are included in a separate baggie with your order.  The magnets fit snugly.  If you choose to glue them in, please take care to do it correctly.  There will be no replacement heads issued.

~ Some special notes about your Harlequin head...

Harlequin is cast in a proprietary resin formula that is unlike other resins you may be used to.  Our goal was to develop a high quality resin which slightly mimics fine porcelain. Venetian Luna resin is easily sanded resulting in a beautiful matte finish.  The matte finish accepts air brush and pastel very well.  However, the pastel application may feel different than you are used to.  It may also be harder to rub off.  Neither of us are painters, but that is the flavor of the feedback and we are just passing it on.

~ Venetian Luna resin has a UV stabilizer added to it and no expense was spared in creating this resin formula. However, since it is a brand new formula, it is unknown how it will behave over time.  Please take care of it the way you would your other treasured resin dolls.  Harlequin is not replaceable.

~ Venetian Luna White and Venetian Luna Rose, according to previous posts do not seem to be an exact match any currently existing resins. The Venetian Luna White is more of a pure paper white.  Venetian Luna Rose is distinctly pink toned.   We have almost completed tests for Venetian Luna Sunrise.  Those who are interested in a Caucasian skin tone may wish to postpone their decision until they are able to see Harlequin in Venetian Luna Sunrise.  We hope to post pictures in a few days. `

~ Harlequin's eye wells are 14mm.
Harlequin's head size at Enki's request is the same size as a Soom Dia.
Harlequin's neck opening was made to accomodate a Soom Super Gem male body.

~ Be aware that Harlequin was made with the thought of keeping the head from popping off the body easily.  Therefore, the S-hook opening is made to just allow the S-hook to be inserted with very little extra room.  If you feel the need to enlarge it, the resin is easily modified.

~ Please feel free to take box opening pictures.  However, if you could hold off on sharing them until everyone in this group order has received their Harlequin, that would definitely preserve the fun factor.

Venetian Luna resin will be featured throughout the Simply Divine product line.  Although our first release, the Harlequin head is in essence the second head of Divine.  Divine will have many heads and will keep everyone guessing including us. O_O .   The development of Divine's body is underway. We are excited about all things Simply Divine.  Keep an eye out in the future for masks, more Simply Divine heads, hooves, corsets, and the hookah smoking caterpillar's hookah.

Of course, we look forward to sharing Divine Himself with you.

Thank you for your deep interesting. ♥

Cat ^..^ and The Divine Sculptor