Thursday, August 25, 2011

Harlequin is Simply Divine

Harlequin with green leaf fairy mask and West Nile Charlotte :

Harlequin head is available in Venetian Luna Rose resin or Venetian Luna White resin. 
 He is shown here on a Soom Super Gem body in Venetian Luna White.
The quick dusting of powder on the blank head was done by me.
Eyes shown are 12mm Safrin Afghans.  Harlequin's eye wells are 14mm.
Harlequin's head is the size of a Soom Dia.
Congratulations and thank you, to all who have ordered him.
The Harlequin head is available for $150 and is shipping now.
Email me if you love him enough for us to send you an invoice.
Should you wish to chat or leave a message, remember that you can do so on the LiveJournal.