Monday, August 8, 2011

Dust has Arrived

Dust is a little Soom fairy guy.  
Right now, he is being groomed by his groomer.

After grooming he goes in for surgery. 
For any of you who are lusting for alternative parts for your Soom fairies, keep an eye on Dust.

His hands, his legs knee down, and his wings : all will be changed.  We will have the molds, you will be welcome to share his new parts.  We plan to offer them as soon as they are ready.
Over the long run, we would like to use Dust for testing parts for Divine.  If the parts do not work out on a little guy, then there is no reason to pursue them in a larger Soom Super Gem Hound size.  Dust will be used to get a quick look for: 'Oh, does anyone like this? Or this? Or this?'
In the meantime, I just imagine him hanging out in the chandelier as that is usually full of Dust.