Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dressing Up for the Holidays

For those of you who are trying to decide who you will dress up as what to celebrate this holiday season, here is the list of what we have to help you along.

For some items there may be a 'pour delay', meaning:  we need to have several people on the list before we will make more of the item.   In other cases, we have one or two on the shelf and ready to go.  To find out the availability,  just ask and I will be happy to tell you.  'Custom Colored' indicates that the item is available in a variety of different colors;  often too many to list.

Divine's Christmas 2011 mask - released!  Get Divine's reindeer mask with antlers now.
West Nile Charlotte Halloween 2011 mask - Bone color, painted or unpainted
Alice 'blind box set of three masks' - shipping week of Dec 04th 2011; $105 per set of three
Rabbit Masks - Alice Series - White, Brown, Black or Sable

Venetian Long Nose - Series One - not available
Lace Masks -  Series One- custom colored
Leaf Masks - Series One - custom colored
Steampunk Raven - Series One - Black or Brown, silver or gold - custom colored

Divine's Hooves - released October 2011, one pour available


Waiting Lists are being maintained for:

Butterfly Masks 'blind box set of three'
Wolf Mask
Steampunk Masks 'blind box set of three'

Divine's body is being worked on.  

We will be offering Charlotte's head as a 'head'.  Yes, that sounds strange.  What I mean is:
you will be able to obtain the West Nile Charlotte mask as a full head.  That should be available reasonably shortly.

You can reach me at   cathy   AT   cathycara   DOT  com  .
May your holiday season this year be Simply Divine.

May your days  be merry, bright and Simply Divine.

All masks are currently available for personal in-person viewing at Harborfields.

Thank you for your deep interesting.
*Hugs* if you have seen the exhibit.  It really did come out ever so lovely.