Friday, November 11, 2011


If we were do do an undead bird mask, what would it be?

If anyone has any better undead bird thoughts, they should speak them now.

Of course, Rouge has spent so much time in the sunshine state of Florida that he would probably vote for a 'pink flamingo'.  But, he is not home yet, so I cannot ask him.  

We are looking forward to jointed bird hands, changing the cupcake on the hooves to feathers, turning the hoof to talons, and making West Nile Charlotte available as a head.  All in Soom Super Gem size.  

We are also working on re-engineering the knee joint on the hooves so that the calf portion is available in Dollshe Hound size as well as Soom Super Gem size.  This means you will be able to choose 'hooves or talons' 'hairy or feathered cupcake' and calf for 'Dollshe or Super Gem'.

To anyone who has hazarded the guess that we might be making the Wolf for Christmas, the answer is:  no, no Wolf for Christmas.  Little Red Riding Hood did have a great deal of snow in the movie.  But,  think: " "traditional Christmas animal".

That is your answer.