Friday, October 7, 2011


We will be trying to bring Divine's hooves with us to ComiCon New York this week. If you see us, please ask to see them. We will be thrilled to show them off.

There are "secrets" with the hooves. If you see them, we will be asking you to please keep Divine's secrets all for yourself and to please 'not tell'. We are leaning towards some secrets being 'customer only'.

~ ♥ ~  Divine belongs to those who have Him. ~ ♥ ~

Meaning:  if you do not actually own the piece of Divine, then you do not need to know. In other words, why would you care what His hooves can do if you are not interested in Him or do not own them?

No, we are not interested in enticing you to own them.

We are considering restricting the opening of first shot at the pour on the hooves to Series One buyers and the  owners of Harlequin.  We have not yet decided if we will limit the number of hooves created in the first pour.  We would always make them, but the first ones will perhaps be at a discounted price.  It is looking like it is too complicated and too time consuming to produce "many" as a first pour.  We need to restrict the hoof time in order to move along on 'Alice 3' mask sets and Divine's body.

The reveal of Divine with His hooves is still on schedule for this Halloween.  Yes, I will post pictures here.

Thank you for your deep interesting.