Monday, October 3, 2011


For everyone who sent me notes saying, "Why can't Odette live with meeeeeeeeeee ???"  there is Hortence.
Be quick. Be lucky.  Nab her here.

Ozian Queen Yves Manning has produced another treasure.  No, she is not Odette.  There is only one Odette.  Hortence is exquisite, homeless, and is 'Another Secret Orchid' .  She is offered as a fine art fullset.

She is very lovely.  I apologize for not getting more photos of her to load.  If you would like additional pictures of her drop me a note and I will try to send them to you by email.

 ~ ♥ ~
edited to add:  today is October 10th 2011

Hortence has been invited to a new home.
She does however, have a sister.
Shake your silver piggy bank, check beneath the velvet cushions on your couch.

Yves has done fewer and fewer one-offs over the years.
You know that these girls do not come up often.