Friday, September 23, 2011

Waiting for an Invoice

Whether you have requested masks, Charlotte, or a Harlequin head please be patient.  We accept "wishes" and we accept "requests" and we thrive on compliments.  However, we do not allow 'pre-ordering' and we do not engage in the practice of 'pre-billing'.

Each order is custom made; just for you.

You will not receive an invoice until your name and address are on a sealed package ready to leave the factory.
Also, if you have requested something and have requested that I poke you "when we are making it again", well I do not poke.  The way to acquire something Simply Divine is: have your piggy bank full, then request that an item be produced, then wait for the invoice to pay for the item. 

 The point is: I will not chase you down trying to sell you something.

The work is outgoing from several "final lists". 
We consistently ship to
 the first person who has requested the item and who is able to pay for it.

If you have said that you are "ready to pay and waiting for an invoice", then you are on one of our final lists.  We do not send emails with 'status updates'.  Production time varies.  Your invoice will appear, you pay within 48 hours, your order ships within 48 hours of payment, your tracking number is provided to you automatically by the post office.

Thank you for your deep interesting.