Monday, September 5, 2011

Human Hair Wigs are Simply Divine

Having just completed my first human hair wig in Soom Super Gem size, I was very curious about the human hair industry. Upon contemplating the wig that I had created, as well as the time and the expnese, I became more curious the more I thought about it.

I can understand where angora goat hair comes from. Probably the goat is standing in a field and probably someone came along with a pair of snippers. But, this wig is human hair. Where is this human? I can understand that the genuine pearls that I have sewn into the wig are grown and cultivated and sorted. I can understand how the Swarovski crystals are cut and polished in Austria. The humans producting the crystals are probably in Austria.

Where is this human who provided me with enough hair for a Super Gem sized bead studded wig? I made the wig, but where is the human who made the hair?

Read about the humans who provide the hair for the wigs here.
Yes, I will sell the wigs.  Just give me a chance to get over the rather daunting sticker price of my 'raw materials' and  bit of a chance to make a couple more.
I am *waving* to the person who helped me to select the hair for Sophie.  ♥  Thank you for all your help.  Yes, I will post pictures of her shortly so that you can see her again.  She is now rigged up with a temporary body.  Also because you would never find it, this is part of the link that I gave you, Sophie's head was orginally this.  This figure is 'Super Gem size' and is the size of Harlequin who you also met.  This is the particular size which we create and sell the parts and accessories for.