Monday, September 19, 2011

Resin Comparison

The following photos are of Harlequin in Venetian Luna Rose, Harlequin in Venetian Luna Sunrise in the middle, and a Volks YoSD in Volks NS UV . Although it is unknown how it will age over time Venetian Luna does have UV added to it.

The first photo is natural daylight.  I think that the headcap and hands are from the same doll and that that doll is a Dollshe.  But, I am not sure.  Enki provided those pieces for the photo.  Perhaps if you know her, you can ask her.

This photo is natural daylight.  It was taken outdoors:  oops! sorry!
This photo was taken indoors in a professional light box :

This photo was taken indoors in a professional light box :
This photo is natural daylight.  It was taken outdoors:

Color choices for the Harlequin head are:
Venetian Luna White
Venetian Luna Rose
Venetian Luna Sunrise

Please make your selection carefully.  He is not returnable or exchangeable for any reason.
  The price per head is still $150 plus shipping.  Insurance is required.

Venetian Luna White is not shown in these photos.  It is very, very white.

We are currently working on Divine's body.  Next up, will be hooves.  The hooves will be knee down compatible to a Soom Super Gem male body.

The threads on DoA relating to Harlequin are:

The original group order thread.  Which I expect will someday 'disappear' and be 'removed'.

The Harlequin Waiting Room.

The Harlequin database which contains 'finished' pieces.

For anyone who has asked me "What body do you plan to use for your Harlequin?"
The answer is:  I will temporarily rig him up on a Soom Super Gem.  Harlequin head and Divine hooves will go onto a Super Gem body.
Then I will wait.
I will wait for Divine's body to be complete.  Completely complete with wonderful jointy hands.
Then, I will remove the head and the hooves and pop them on a Divine body for "oooh la la!" resin match.

Venetian Luna resin is not like anything else; there is no body that I would prefer to a Simply Divine one in all Venetian Luna.

Insight into other people's recommendations and plans is available on DoA.