Monday, October 31, 2011

The Last Perfume of October

The last perfume of October is Divine.

Divine is shown here with a  "West Nile Charlotte" bird mask.  The "West Nile Charlotte" bird mask was create to celebrate His coming out this October 2011.

Divine is wearing His hooves, His head, and is shown borrowing a Soom Super Gem Heliot body.

Yes, he really can do ballet.

Sweet Transvestite

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hoo Doo?

"Sometimes the only way to get a boyfriend by tomorrow is to make one."
                         - Frankie Stein

Look who will be on exhibit in December.  Remember that Orchid's Blog is still maintained for your down-the-rabbit-hole pleasure and that you can always leave a note out on the LiveJournal which is here.

Karma Chameleon

Did you see the parasols? Did you see the playing cards?

Kiss of Life

Celebrating my American Black Beauty of a horse. A horse so powerful he can be anything and any color that he wishes.

By Your Side

This reminded me of our conversation of how if the Kings were not around to prevent it, we would happily live in trees.

I am killing time until my Wild Horse appears. Soon you will see Him. We are fortunate that Divine has a sense of humor.


We are hours away from Divine. Are you ready?

Did you catch the feathered head dress in the video? Any takers? Did you see the Wolf? I have started the list for the Wolf mask.

This is Halloween

Well, almost.  Are you ready for a Simply Divine Halloween?  We hope that you are.

Charlotte Rosen Comparison

The following photographs compare the "West Nile Charlotte" mask to the Dollshe Rosen head.  The photos include 'wee West Nile Charlotte' who is currently available and who comes with her two heads.

Happy Halloween 2011 everyone !

May your Halloween be Simply Divine ! 

Each "West Nile Charlotte" mask is Super Gem / Dollshe Hound in size.
Please make your selections carefully.  We accept no returns and no exchanges for any reason.
Please feel free to add other masks or items to your order to save on shipping.
We will not mark packages down, nor will we declare them as 'gifts'.
Each "West Nile Charlotte" mask is $105 plus shipping.  
Insurance is required.

Thank you for loving Charlotte.  She is near and dear to my heart.

Charlotte Hides

I can never find pictures of West Nile Charlotte when I need them.  As you may know, Charlotte is approximately two inches tall and is extremely adorable.  She is shown below, reading with Weeener.  Weeener is Soom tiny sized.  Charlotte will be on exhibit for November and December at Harborfields.  Please visit Orchid's Blog for more information.

Charlotte comes with two heads, extra string, her two arms and her head are move able, her two legs are 'frozen' and stationary.

Each West Nile Charlotte is $65 plus shipping.  Insurance is required.  Charlotte is currently available and you may want to add her to your Halloween mask orders.

If you Google "Frozen Charlotte" you will see what vintage frozen Charlottes look like.  Charlotte was created to mimic antique porcelain.  We have used twenty-first century magic to bring you a delightful companion for the most discerning dolls.

Charlotte comes without eyes and arrives strung with her bird head attached.
I have turned her human head into 'human' jewellery which I wear. 

Thank you for loving Charlotte.
May everyone wish to be West Nile Charlotte this Halloween.

Friday, October 28, 2011


This is a thrilling Halloween for us with Divine hours away from being seen by His public.  Divine will be able to do this.  His hooves are amazing.

Get Ready

Get ready.  Halloween is coming.  Halloween is a Simply Divine day.  ♥

One slot left on the hooves.  Yes, they are uni-sex.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh My Gosh

Oh my gosh, the countdown to Halloween 2011 is on !

Divine is on track to be revealed on Halloween. Yes, the photos will be 'here'.  Am I excited? You bet.  He is  fabulous.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meat Loaf Interview

No, we just cannot get enough Meat Loaf.

This is Halloween

Season of the Wolf

We have had a request for 'a wolf mask'. 
We do have one designed.  The mask would be Super Gem / Dollshe Hound in size.
As you know, masks are prioritized and produced by juggling our needs with the requests of others.
What this means is: the more people who want the thing, the more we are likely to do it.

I have opened the list for the Wolf Mask.
Requesting a reservation costs you nothing.  You will not be buying the mask until you see it.
You would not be billed for the mask unless there was one for you one the self.

Please let me know if you are interested in a Wolf Mask.
I do not wish to disappoint this person.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Harlequin Update

All preliminary orders for Harlequin have been fulfilled.
'Den of Angels' stamp by riceball 2007
The DOA Group Order has been completely shipped and is now finished.
The initial introductory period of Harlequin is now over.
I would like to thank everyone for loving him and for their support.
You may still order a Harlequin head.  
Send your request to :  cathy  AT  cathycara   DOT com  
A Harlequin head is $200 plus shipping.  Insurance is required.

You will not be sent an invoice until your request is ready to ship.

Harlequin is available in the following choices:

Venetian Luna White
Venetian Luna Sunrise

Please speak to me if you would like hooves for him.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Russian Ballet

Divine will be able to do this.  The hooves are that good.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Black Cow

No. Divine is not going to be a big black cow for Christmas. But, show's you're thinking.

There you go
Lookin' so outrageous
And they tell you so
You should know
How all the pros play the game
You change your name

Under Pressure

Getting Divine ready for His Halloween debut.

Booty Booty

Before you watch this, I do have to tell you, "I have no idea at all what it is saying." So, if you send me notes telling me that this is something 'very, very bad' I would not be totally surprised.

I selected it because Halloween is coming with Christmas following along thereafter. I am imagining that the ladies will be doing this when they see Divine. Yes, I do have a rather vivid imagination.  But, I have Divine's hooves and I do this when I see them.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Divine is Love

Divine's head is out of the mold.  He is good; he is fabulous.
I am not sure who I am more pleased with: Divine or the sculptor who has brought him to life.  Thank you, my friend.  He is Simply Divine.
Did you ever love somebody
So much that the earth moved
Did you ever love somebody
Even though it hurt to
Did you ever love somebody
Nothin' else your heart could do
                - Meatloaf

Friday, October 7, 2011


We will be trying to bring Divine's hooves with us to ComiCon New York this week. If you see us, please ask to see them. We will be thrilled to show them off.

There are "secrets" with the hooves. If you see them, we will be asking you to please keep Divine's secrets all for yourself and to please 'not tell'. We are leaning towards some secrets being 'customer only'.

~ ♥ ~  Divine belongs to those who have Him. ~ ♥ ~

Meaning:  if you do not actually own the piece of Divine, then you do not need to know. In other words, why would you care what His hooves can do if you are not interested in Him or do not own them?

No, we are not interested in enticing you to own them.

We are considering restricting the opening of first shot at the pour on the hooves to Series One buyers and the  owners of Harlequin.  We have not yet decided if we will limit the number of hooves created in the first pour.  We would always make them, but the first ones will perhaps be at a discounted price.  It is looking like it is too complicated and too time consuming to produce "many" as a first pour.  We need to restrict the hoof time in order to move along on 'Alice 3' mask sets and Divine's body.

The reveal of Divine with His hooves is still on schedule for this Halloween.  Yes, I will post pictures here.

Thank you for your deep interesting.


That is what Divine is.

Did you notice the Divine accoutrements ?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hooooooooves !

This image is 'vintage Krampus' .  

Divine's hooves are still on schedule.  We hope to have them complete and tested by the end of this weekend.   We already have the list going for those who would tentatively like them.  By saying that you want them, you are not committing to buying them.  You will simply be placed on the list and will have the opportunity of purchasing them before other people.

The hooves are knee down replacements fitting Soom Super Gem male bodies.
Of course, they will fit Divine even more perfectly.

Divine will be able to dance classical ballet; the hoof toes will almost en pointe.

Hooves will begin to pour and ship shortly after final testing is complete.

Colors are:
Venetian Luna White
Venetian Luna Rose
Venetian Luna Sunrise

A note to anyone who has spoken to me for custom colors and custom pours: 
I have not forgotten your requests.  
If you would like your hooves with bells and whistles, I am sure we can accommodate.

We are still working towards Halloween for the appearance of Divine.
I gathered up and sent His Halloween costume off yesterday.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Love's Divine

For Your Eyes Only

Right when you think I have "told", realize that I most certainly did not.

Halloween is coming.
We hope for Divine to be revealed.
This delightful mock-up was done by Fishcake.

All I wanted was a sweet distraction for an hour or two.
Had no intention to do the things we've done.
Funny how it always goes with love, when you don't look, you find.
But then we're two of  a kind, we move as one.

We're an all time high,
We'll change all that's gone before.


Monday, October 3, 2011

In the Heart of the Night

She's so full of surprises

In the heart of the night
There's a
nightbird singing
Right on through till the dawn

The Femmy Man

Moment of Surrender

It is like New Year's Eve here in Little Cow Harbor.  The countdown is down to hours for the arrival of Divine.

My American Black Beauty, the most capable Wild Horse.

When you ask, "What is he capable of?"
The answer is, "Well, you will see.  He is capable of everything."

Except, perhaps, out dancing Edgar.  I do not think that even with all of His legs, Divine can out dance that pink dog.


Watch the 2009 trailer here.

Watch the 1941 trailer here.


For everyone who sent me notes saying, "Why can't Odette live with meeeeeeeeeee ???"  there is Hortence.
Be quick. Be lucky.  Nab her here.

Ozian Queen Yves Manning has produced another treasure.  No, she is not Odette.  There is only one Odette.  Hortence is exquisite, homeless, and is 'Another Secret Orchid' .  She is offered as a fine art fullset.

She is very lovely.  I apologize for not getting more photos of her to load.  If you would like additional pictures of her drop me a note and I will try to send them to you by email.

 ~ ♥ ~
edited to add:  today is October 10th 2011

Hortence has been invited to a new home.
She does however, have a sister.
Shake your silver piggy bank, check beneath the velvet cushions on your couch.

Yves has done fewer and fewer one-offs over the years.
You know that these girls do not come up often.

Oh My Gosh

Oh my gosh, Divine is on his way home.  Well, almost.

Because He will be available in so many colors, we have delayed His travel by a few hours to experience multiple incarnations of Him.  His hooves are still on track for the end of the week.

There’s so many ways to love you
Baby I can break you downn
There’s so many ways to love you
Got me like, ooh myy gosh I’m soo in love
I found you finally

Masquerading as Divine


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lipizzaner Stallions

Yes, without the silly hats.

I Can't Wait

I can't wait. Divine will be home to Little Cow Harbor soon and you are going to love Harry.

Beauty and the Beast - Cannon

Watch the full film starring Hairy Harry here

It's All Coming Back to Me Now

Dancing with Myself

Harlequin is still shipping.  He is beautiful, he is arrogant, he is a genuinely nice guy.  We have thought of a piece which actually may satisfy him.

Harlequin demands attention and we have come up with something which should occupy him and allow him to garner all the attention that he craves.  I cannot tell you what it is yet, but you may be seeing it before you see Divine in His ultimate form.  What we have come up with is conceptually more complex, but is actually easier to execute than what we have planned for Divine.

This song is our reminder that we actually planned to do this.  Not that Harlequin would ever let us forget.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Red Riding Hood

La Belle et la Bete

With Harlequin happily shipping, and Divine wonderfully complete, I have been spending the evening thinking of Harry.

Hairy Harry.

Watch the complete 1946 film here.

"Beauty and the Beast" was behind this Meatloaf song.

Will you raise me up?
Will you help me down?
Will you help get me right out of this Godforsaken town?
Will you make it a little less cold?

Will you hold me sacred?
Will you hold me tight?
Can you colorize my life I'm so sick of black and white?
Can you make it a little less old?

Will you make me some magic, with your own two hands?
Can you build an Emerald city with these grains of sand?
Can you give me something that I can take home?

Will you cater to every fantasy that I've got?
Will ya hose me down with holy water - if I get too hot - ?
Will you take me to places that I've never known?

I Like My Horses

I like my horses like I like my coffee: strong, black, and sweet.

Harry and the Hendersons

If I Can't Have You

Profile 2:34.

It's in Your Eyes

Profile at 2:35.