Monday, May 30, 2011

Designer Parasol

Divine will have a multitude of weapons at his disposal.  However, Divine's 'ultimate weapon' will be his Parasol.
Val Zeitler will be creating Divine's Parasol just for him.
For all of you who lust after Val's little Parasols, she has created some in SD size to share with you.  These darling Parasols will ship directly from her.  If you have not done so already, send me an email at cathy AT cathycara DOT com to reserve one for yourself.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Auber, Soom's first little male faery can be seen 'new' here  .
Soom Auber will form the basis of "Dust".   I have one white-skinned Soom Auber on order and I look forward to Dust becoming Simply Divine.  He will take a decent amount of work, but he should provide us with some very interesting and quite unusual bits to share.
Dust should arrive in approximately three months time and require another month of work once he hits the states.  He should prove to be a charming sidekick to Divine.
We are already looking forward to him changing his wings the way he would his underwear.  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Steampunk Raven with Brass

The Steampunk Raven in brown with brass accents:
Here is the Steampunk Raven in black with brass accents:
Both of these masks are destined for the "Uncanny Dream" show in Seattle which will be held on Memorial Day weekend.
The masks in the photos are modeled on a Soom Cass.
If you are going, please say, "Hello" to Bramble and Clyde for me and give the Queen of Slantways a hug.  I am sure that the show is going to be fabulously Divine.  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


While waiting for all things Divine, join me in reading this book by Heather Dixon.  Heather Dixon's blog is here; there is a coloring contest for you to enjoy.
From the brief flyleaf on the lovely cover:

Azalea is trapped.  Just when she should feel that everything is before her... beautiful gowns, dashing suitors, balls filled with's taken away.
 All of it.

The Keeper understands.  He's trapped, too, held for centuries within the walls of the palace.  And so he extends an invitation.

Every night, Azalea and her eleven sisters may step through the enchanted passage in their room to dance in his silver forest.

But there is a cost.

The Keeper likes to keep things.

Azalea may not realize how tangled she is in the web until it is too late.
Excerpt from the book:

The dancers were masked with ornate, gilded animal heads.  A golden-furred jackal, and his lady, with feathers and a gold beak.  Masks with eyeholes rimmed in gems and embroidery clung to the dancers' faces.  This was a masked ball, something Azalea had only heard of.  In her imagination they had  been more innocent; gentlemen dressed as hussars and ladies with white, glittery masks attached to a stick.  Not this chaotic meshing of gilded beasts and opulent monsters.

Crown Sets

A white Lace Mask with the palest of Pink beaded Crowns ...

Cream Lace Mask with genuine white Pearl Crown ....

Blue Lace with twilight ...
Copper fairy leaf with genuine pearl ...

These one-of-a-kind sets are show specials we created for the "Uncanny Dream" exposition.  "Uncanny Dream" will be held in Seattle the end of this month.  Find more on "Uncanny Dream" here .
Both sets are modeled on a Soom Cass.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Here Comes My Girl

All of the horses dance to impress Chloe.

Change the World

We love the movie "Phenomenon". Divine will have all the magic and charm of the movie built right into him.

Dolce and Gabbana

Best job in the world: being Queen and deciding upon male 'horse flesh'.

I simply love saying, "Oh, yes. Yes, please. Just like this. Now this, is Simply Divine."

Of course, the only job even better than mine, might be the sculptor's. The sculptor gets to feel him up, all day; every day.

The Cat is Simply Divine

This photograph is by Fishcake.
The Cat from Alice in Wonderland will be out in the next 'blind box' set of three Alice masks.  The sets are set to ship end of June/July 2011.  If you would like to reserve a set, please send an email to cathyATcathycaraDOTcom.  You will not receive an invoice until the masks are ready to ship.  Reservations cost you 'nothing'.

Sheer Magnetism

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Passion

You are the one for me.

The beauty marks are in the wrong place.

Another Cinderella Story

I Love You Too Much

"You say you don't need me
I know where your love goes
You go missing after midnight
I should know better and the bed is cold
And if you think I'm not the real thing
I don't wanna die of hunger
I got my world created for you
But you don't stay
Not my imagination no more
I cant be dealing with the bad girl
lives in your head
You got your someone I , don't cry
You go and take a strangers love instead

Over you is where I should be
I could be loving you too much
Under me is where you should be
I could be loving you too much"

People ask, "What do you think of when you develop the body?  How do you decide what it should really look like?"

This is how:  We play favorite movies.  We listen to favorite music.  We talk about dancers, and swimmers, and "Arnold".  Then we start all over again with favorite movies.  The horses dance, so we watch the dancers.

We like "Saturday Night Fever" and we like "Stayin' Alive" .

Divine will be able to do all the moves.  It will take a bit of doing because nobody beats my dog at disco. We will try to help Divine out with a better body and, well, more legs.  We are figuring that more legs moving to the beat should be a hit at any party.

Divine is a purebred New York horse.  Certainly he will be able to do this even better than Travolta ...

This should be fabulous done with four legs, dreadlocks twirling, and a broad back to toss her up upon at the end ...

Suddenly you're in my life
part of everything I do
you got me working day and night
just trying to keep a hold on you.

I know that in a thousand years
I'd fall in love with you again.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pony Girl is Simply Divine

The picture is from here .
If you would like to see Pony Girl looking rather lovely in her blue lace mask click here .

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Cat

The Cat is coming in the next 'blind box' set of three masks.  We expect the "Alice in Wonderland" set to be shipping in June/July. 
The set will be priced at $105 plus shipping.  Insurance is required
If you would like to reserve a set(s) please send a note to cathyATcathycaraDOTcom.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Charlotte is Amazing

Lyrics | Bruno Mars lyrics - Just The Way You Are lyrics

When I see your face there is not a thing that I would change
Because you are amazing just the way you are.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Teenie Gem Masks

We are planning to do "The Doormouse" in Teenie Gem size as a 'fourth mask' to the "'Twas Brillig Slithy Toves" set.  This is the 'Alice in Wonderland' set of three masks which would be released this summer in June/July.  The set would be $105 plus shipping; insurance is required.  "The Doormouse" would not be included in the 'blind box' set, but would be priced separately.  You will be able to see the Doormouse when he is done.  We plan to price the Doormouse at a discount for 'Alice set of 3' buyers.
Yes, the Rabbit or any of the Super Gem/Dollshe Hound size masks can and might be created in Teenie Gem size.  If you wish the list for your favorite(s) to be started, please send me your "on-linename/name/email/paypal/shippingaddress"  to cathyATcathycaraDOTcom .
All it takes is for there to be enough interest for you to get your wish.  
Thank you for your deep interesting.

Capri Reminds You

Keep your playing cards and the fairy they might fly in with.
Capri is Simply Divine; she was painted by Sdink.
Thank you for your deep interesting.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Comedy Tragedy

I do not know whether to be happy or sad.  As the glass is always 'half full', I shall opt for heartfelt happiness.

 I had hoped that Divine would make it out of the mold this weekend.  So much time was spent on completing Charlotte and working on Harlequin, that Divine again rested on the shelf.  I am not quite sure how we manage to even make masks for something which does not exist yet, but we do.

For everyone who is waiting to work with Divine, I can only say "Please hold your horses."  That is what I do,  I hold mine.



Well, sort of.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Natalie Merchant

Spring keeps her promises
No cold can keep her back

All We Want to Do is Dance

Percy Faith recorded the most popular version of the tune, which spent an at-the-time record of nine consecutive weeks at number one on the still-young Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in early 1960[

It remains the longest-running number-one instrumental in the history of the chart. It reached number two in the UK. It hit number one in Italy under the title "Scandalo Al Sole".

I can easily see my horses dancing happily to this music while Weeener is kept busy with West Nile Charlotte, off in a corner.  

Charlotte is out of the mold!  It is looking like we have found a successful chemical composition for her and, so far, we are happy with what she looks like.  Actually, if the truth were to be told, we have been in hysterics over what she looks like and we are looking forward to sharing her.  We are hoping that you, too, will find her hysterically delightful.

Charlotte is not big.  We have packed our hearts and our laughter into about three inches of fun.

When you hold Charlotte in your hand and you laugh and laugh, I hope that you remember that "These are the good times.  Leave your cares behind.  Leave your cares behind."

And then, I hope you run around and share Charlotte with all your friends.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Crusader Rabbit

Rabbits have been arriving.  I have a black one and a brown one; I have really been enjoying them.

If Charlotte was a Rat

Find EMG-Zine here .
But, Charlotte is not a rat.  Keep guessing. 
Thank you for your deep interesting.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sweet Life

She's got your eyes
She's got my nose
Oh, and I get high just watching her grow

Oh, you know
This whole world seem to be in a hurry
But darlin' we'll just keep on taking our time
'Cause we're living such a sweet life, oh what a neat life
Sharing my love with you
Oh, we're living such a sweet life, oh what a neat life
making our dreams come true

we're makin our dreams come true

Lace in Peacock Blue

If you click on the image, it will enlarge and you can see the details on this lovely mask a bit better.
This is the Lace Mask which made its debut in Series One.  The Lace Mask is part of the "Arsnic and Old Lace" series of three masks.  The Lace Mask from Series One is currently being offered as a 'single'.  
Priced at $55 each plus shipping.  Insurance is required.
When there are enough names on the list, the Lace Mask will be poured again.  If you would like to reserve a Lace Mask and add your name to the list, jot me a note at cathyATcathycaraDOTcom .  A 'reservation' costs you nothing; you will not receive an invoice for payment until the mask(s) are on the shelf ready for shipment.
Your color choices for the Lace Mask for next pour are:  Antique Cream White, Peacock Blue, whatever we called the Pink, Silver or Gold.

Did You Ever Love Somebody

Listen here .  From the album "Hang Cool Teddy Bear".
Did you ever love somebody
So much that the earth moved
Did you ever love somebody
Even though it hurt to
Did you ever love somebody
Nothin' else your heart could do
Did you ever love somebody
Like I love you
When you wonder what played in the background while Divine was being worked on, the answer is: "Well, yes, His song list.  But, not even so much His song list as Meatloaf."
Meatloaf, over and over again.
We must talk about Meatloaf at least once each day.  The conversations end with, "I love Meatloaf! I just love Meatloaf."  "I love Meatloaf. I just love Meatloaf."  "Why do we love Meatloaf so much?" "We do!" "We do!"
We do love Meatloaf.
I have no idea if you do not like Meatloaf whether or not you will like Divine.  We will tell you, "Meatloaf is Simply Divine." 
Of course, Divine is Divinely Divine.  But, right this moment we are working on Charlotte.
Hang cool, teddy bear.

Frozen Charlotte

Title: Frozen Charlotte
Author: Priscilla Masters
Series: #3 in the Coroner Martha Gunn series set in Shrewsbury, England
ISBN: 9780727880062
Publisher: Severn House
Hardcover, 208 pages

"When a woman arrives in Accident and Emergency clutching a child in a pink blanket, Martha Gunn is not quite ready to make the discovery that the evening has in store for her. The baby is dead, and not only that, it has been mummified. Post mortem reveals the child to be a new born, deceased for over five years and, despite the mysterious woman’s protestations that it is called ‘poppy’,  most certainly a boy. As always coroner Martha Gunn reserves judgement until she is able to get to the bottom of the case."
Frozen Charlotte is Simply Divine.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shiny Happy People

Listen  here .

The Rabbits and the other masks have been arriving safely.  A special thank you to all of those who have ordered them and taken a moment to jot me a note saying how much you love them.
♥  I am so glad. ♥
Did you catch the guy in the video? His hair was Simply Divine.

Zebra is Divine

The photograph is from Christian Dior, spring 2010 Paris.
It is no wonder that the Queen of England was displeased with her video tapes or whatever her present was.  As Queen of Little Cow Harbor, I receive far better presents.
Today from another continent and a far away fairyland, I received the most delightful and extraordinary zebra carrying bag.  The surprise zebra carrying bag was carrying surprise 'zebra'.  There is enough zebra in the zebra carrying bag to cover a small elephant. 
I am thinking that a surprise zebra elephant would be an even bigger surprise than a surprise zebra which is Divine. 
The decision will be very difficult what to make with all of this zebra.  It is zebra from London, no less; not garden variety zebra.  Zebra fit for a Queen.
Zebra which is surely not an elephant.
Zebra which is Simply Divine.
Thank you, my friend! xx! 

Leaf Mask in Gold Bronze

Special color for special someone.  I feel these pinpricks of jealousy that it is not mine.
It is Simply Divine.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Umbrella Art

Divine's umbrella will be a work of art.  See other versions of 'umbrella art' here.
Divine's parasol will be one-of-a-kind and custom for him.  Other SD-size parasols by the same designer should be available by the end of this week or so.  They are black, stiffened, painted is $45, unpainted is $49.  Send me an email at cathyATcathycaraDOTcom if you would like one or more reserved for you.
Many of you are too good at guessing games.  I am guessing that there will not be any parasols left. 

Umbrellas, Lighting, Photography

Pricilla Khong's Parasol Act

Pricilla's hair is Simply Divine.

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Parasols are awaiting packaging.

Chloe is Simply Divine

This is the 'Lace Mask' which was first presented in Series One.  It is now available in a series of colors, which we are happily busy testing.  I find it very difficult to pick favorites.  Lace of course looks the most natural in the 'Antique Ivory Cream' color. 
The Lace Mask colors are Antique Cream, Peacock Blue,  Pink, Gold, or Silver, or Black.  It may be available in a brighter White, but I am not sure.
This custom cast lace mask in pale blue arrived from the factory today for Chloe.  I promptly added a few very lovely Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystals and went for a walk in the afternoon Spring garden with her.
I will have to try to get better pictures of the lace mask.  It is wonderfully detailed.  It is a perfect fit on Chloe and wraps around the face nicely.  I like my ribbons to be 'longer', so those I re-adjusted.
I am now at the 'contemplate adding peacock feathers stage'.  The mask is so lovely  plain, but I suppose I shall let Chloe decide.

Masquerading as Divine


The Chishire Cat will be part of the next 'blind box' set of three.  Watch for Series Two of the masks.  The list is being kept now.  Email me at cathyATcathycaraDOTcom if you would like to be on it.
Series Two is priced at $105 for three masks.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Left in the Dark

I've been waiting, I've been waiting for you
You swore you'd be with me at 7 o'clock
Now it's a quarter to 3.
 just want to get at the truth
And there are so many things that I just got to know
You tell me who! You tell me where! You tell me when!
But don't tell me now, I don't need any answers tonight
And I'll be left in the dark again
Left in the dark again
Did you see the chairs ?

Parasol Pricing

Parasol pricing is as follows: the parasols are each hand made, black, and stiffened.  You have a choice of unpainted black and stiffened for $45 or painted black and stiffened for $49.  Shipping and Insurance are additional.
If you would like one or more please send me an email at cathyATcathycaraDOTcom .
They are designer parasols made by the designer and shipped from the designer.  You are right, I have not yet revealed "who" the designer is.  I will tell you that tidbit before you send you opt to pay for them. However, I have been most amused that they sell just fine with people knowing they will be Simply Divine.  I have also enjoyed listening to all the private *squeeing* .
The parasols have already been described as "Ultra Divine".
I may or may not show photos of them before the first round of them is all sold out.

Who Will Paint the Masked Man

While I would think that it might be possible to have more than one painter of the masked man, there will be only one painter who is Simply Ultimately Divine.  There is only one painter who is Truly That Divine.
Can you guess who it is?

Carribean Sunset

Carribean Sunsets are Simply Divine.

Butterfly Blue

The blue of this butterfly is Simply Divine.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Magic Wands

My magic wand is turbo-charged.  That is how the work for Simply Divine gets done.

Have I told you that we will be doing male and female super gem sized corsets? We will, we shall, and you should enjoy them.  Because Capri is around to help us with 'elf sized', we are looking forward to being able to produce Dollstown elf-sized corsets as well.
Shoes, too.  Chloe has hooves, but she rather loves her shoes.  I have them "drawn up"; we will see how fast I can push them along.

The projected shipping date for the "Alice in Wonderland first set of three" 'blind box' is set for end of July 2011.  We are hoping for earlier but Divine is missing some very big parts.  Yes, He is being an nuisance and an inconvenience and is causing delay after delay to His own desirable accessories, but be patient; He will be worth the wait.
Divine will be simply the brightest horse in the room at the very darkest of parties.

Jiminy has a Simply Divine accessory!

Divine will be brave, truthful, and unselfish.

You get the idea. Watch for him. He is going to be very, very good.

More Steampunk Raven Colors

The Steampunk Raven mask is Soom Super Gem / Dollshe Hound in size.  The mask is shown here on a Soom Io Scarface.
Brown with silver accents:
White with silver accents:
Watch for chartreuse as a future color choice.  A special thank you to the person who 'suggested' it.
Thank you for your deep interesting.