Friday, August 3, 2012


The hand-carved ornate Chinese red carriage rolled to a gentle stop outside the brightly lit enormous North Shore mansion. Torches had been placed in the gilded acanthus sconces on either side of the heavy wooden mahogany doors in anticipation of the esteemed guests' arrival. The sound of a stringed orchestra playing could be heard over the sigh of the warm perfumed Spring breeze. The lapping caress of the chill ocean waves at the edge of the gardens echoed in the fragrant night air. The moonlight reflected off of the garden statuary insinuating that revelers were on the lawn.

 If you listened closely, you could hear the hushed murmur of sweet voices behind the door exclaim in delight, "Ahhhhh!! It is is Thomas!" Thomas has arrived.

 The antique grandfather clock in the frescoed front foyer had struck nine over an hour ago. Since we dare not rush The Goddess, we will have to wait a moment longer to see Thomas' beautiful face.

 The bronze hands of the old grandfather clock caressed the number thirteen after the hour of ten. The Goddess, fresh from her lavender scented bubble bath, her ivory skin glowing, waved her arm. The red cloven footed imps sprang to open the large mansion's door.

 The mist pooled around his feet. Dust billowed in the moonlight.

 Thomas has arrived.

 Long thin white tapers in the aged silver candeleabras cast warm flickering halos on the finely frescoed plaster wall. Dust danced merrily in the candlelight. Thanks to the Goddess, Thomas shone.

 He sauntered languidly into the foyer.


The lamp cast fantastic shadows on the wall and staircase. A rising wind made some of the windows rattle. In the ballroom' on the north side of the house, salt spray dashed against the window panes. A lone star shown in the square of opal sky framed by the trailing citron-green velvet draperies. Dust danced on the pearl nacre octagonal table.

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 Paint by Sdink. Hair and eyes by Sdink.
 Photographs by Sdink.