Saturday, May 5, 2012

Simply Divine

Recently, I was asked to explain Divine and 'Simply Divine'.  
I thought that everyone who follows the horses in my stable already knows what we are building.
It seems that not everybody does.
So, here is the explanation.

'Simply Divine' is the product line.  In New York, in general, it is a phrase.  New Yorkers, when they see something that they like, they purposely *squee* in a put on snotty voice, "Dahhhhhhling, it's Divine! It's SIMPLY DIVINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

So, it is a play on New York wording.  Divine is my American Beauty black horse.  'Black Beauty' being the book about the wonderful horse.  So, Divine is so powerful, so wonderful, that he can be anything.  He can have any parts. He can have any head.  And, He is 'Simply Divine' even by any other name.

So, yes:  Charlotte and Christopher are 'Divine', they are both 'Simply Divine'.

The thought process is this:  We are not creating multiple entities with what we are making.  We are creating one Divine entity.  All permutations of Divine.  Then, a person just picks what they want in order to create their own vision of the Divine.
We consider Divine's head to be the most valuable part of Him.

Yes, it is a Full Choice System where you buy only the parts that you need.
Divine wears a mask to all of the Masquerade Parties.
We do our best to keep Him supplied with what he needs.