Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One Dollar White Elephant

If you are attending the party, we request that you bring a one dollar white elephant gift.
For those of you who do not know what a 'white elephant gift' is, it is this:
A tidbit, a token, a flotsam, a jetsam.
All of the white elephant gifts will be placed on one table.  Everyone will pick one.
Each of the gifts is to be carefully wrapped and artfully tied with a snippet of ribbon, or lace, or a flower.
If you bring more than one white elephant gift, you will get to select more than one.

Please consider bringing extras as there are always those of us who forget to bring any.
We do not want anyone to go without.

A white elephant gift does not have to be 'new'. 
A white elephant gift does not have to be doll-related.
A white elephant gift can be anything 'cool'.

Please do not give white elephant 'joke' gifts.
Please make it be something that you would not mind receiving for yourself and that you would like to share with your dollie friends.